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User Guide

Starting Neofly
Starting Neofly
NF Start.gif

When you launch Neofly for the first time, you will need to create your new pilot. You need to enter your:

  • Callsign:  The name of your pilot or career

  • ICAO:  This is the airport code where you will start.  If you are unsure, Google your airport ICAO

  • Aircraft:  You can choose 1 aircraft from the 3 listed.  This will be delivered to your hangar free of charge.

  • ProfileCustom, Pro or Survival.  Choose wisely!

  • In Custom mode you can toggle any of the game options on or off. 

  • In Pro mode - Plane, Location, Cargo/Pax & Reset are fixed to disabled.  Survival mode options can be toggled.

  • In Survival mode all options are fixed to disabled


Pro Mode users will receive 10% extra XP & Rewards per mission.  

Survival Mode users will receive 20% extra XP & Rewards per mission.  

Note:  If you choose Custom and then toggle all the Pro options in game, the 10% will not be received.  Likewise, if a Pro mode user toggles the survival options the 20% will not be received and the bonus will remain at 10%.   If you would like Pro or Survival bonus's you need to choose that option from the start.



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