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User Guide


In market section you can buy and sell goods.

The ICAO box shows the current market you are looking at.  If you would like to search another market, type in the ICAO code and press enter .  You can also set a radius in miles to show the nearby markets/airports  (Shown as an orange dot ) and filter hard surface runways.   You can also see your current pilot position and your balance.

NF Market search.png

If you enter an ICAO into the arrival box and click compare       ,  the table will show you what the most profitable goods to buy and sell are.  


If you have search the market, via and aircraft in the hangar, the table will take into account the mission weight (if selected) and fuel onboard.   

The goods highlighted in light green are most profitable.  Goods in dark green will earn you a more modest profit.

NF Market Compare Button.png
NF Market Compare.png

You can also search, preview & compare markets by Right Clicking the orange dot on the map.   As well as searching for mission & creating an FBO

NF Orange dot seach.gif

If you would like to compare 2 markets, double left click the orange dot which will bring up a Trading Preview window.

NF trading preview window.png

If you have pilots on hire you can send them to fly trading missions in one of your aircraft.   Right click the airport,  choose send pilot to this market, select the aircraft, then select the pilot.

NF Market send pilot.gif
Buying and Selling
Buying and Selling

In the market table you can see what is available for you to buy and what you can sell.  The items, price and quantity will vary at each market.    The items are colour coded to availability.


Green = Plentiful Supply

Yellow = OK Supply

Red = Rare 

Black = Rare & Illegal

Blue = Rare & extremely valuable (sometimes found on exploration missions)

NF Market Items.png

Some goods have special requirements.


No special requirements.


Sensitive/fragile Cargo will require extra care while flying.  Your landing must not exceed -200VS or the goods will get damaged.


Perishable goods have Time to Live (TTL) value in hours.  If you don't sell these goods in time, they will be worthless & will be removed from your aircraft or warehouse.


Illegal Goods - Do not get caught with these onboard.  Stay below 1000ft to avoid detection.

Buying Goods
Buying Goods

In the table you can also see the unit price (Price/u).  The weight (Weight/u), and Quantity available.

NF Market Buying.png

To purchase goods, move the slider to the desired amount.  The quantity, the cost and the weight will be calculated as you do so.  If you want to add items in single numbers, click the horizontal bar on the slider.   When you are happy with the amount, click        to buy as cargo.  If you would like to buy goods and store them in a warehouse, click      .  Remember, cargo goods are stored on your aircraft until you sell or store them and will affect the available payload.

NF Market Cargo.png
NF Market Warehouse.png
Selling Goods
Selling Goods

Not all markets buy all types of goods.   You can see in the table what you can sell at the selected market along with the price they will pay.

Items that can be sold at the current market have this blue icon.


Selling  is just like buying.  Select the plane from the drop down menu and adjust the amount, then click sell        . 


If you wish, you can store your goods at a warehouse by clicking 

NF Market sell icon.png
NF Market move to WH icon.png
NF Market Sell.png

Warehouses with stock will be shown on your map like this example:

NF Market warehouse symbol.png

Markets refresh every 72 hours.

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