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User Guide

Bing Key
Bing Key

This is where you enter your own Bing Key.  Simply paste it into the box and click save.


See Getting a Bing Key & Invalid credentials for more info

NF Settings Bing.png
Weather Key
Weather Key

If you would like to use weather data from AVWX first you will need to head over to and register for a free key.   Once you have your key, or token as its sometimes known, paste it into the box (be careful not to include any spaces before or after the characters) and press save.

NF Settings Weather Key.png
Adding your own Aircraft
Adding your own Aircraft

This is where you can add your own aircraft into the Neofly database.

NF Settings adding aircraft.png

Name:  This name must be the same as the MSFS name for the aircraft.

Type: The engine type, see below.

Engines: The number of engines.

Qualification: The qualification required to fly this aircraft.

Range: Maximum range in nautical miles.

Payload: Maximum payload in lbs.

Pax: The number of spare seats available.  

Cruise Speed: The cruise speed in ktas.

Fuel Capacity: Fuel capacity in lbs.

Take Off lbs: Maximum take off weight in lbs

Empty wght: Empty weight in lbs


Prop with 1 engine = Qualification A.   

Prop with 2 engines = Qualification B.

Turbo Prop with 1 engine = Qualification C.

Turbo Prop with 2 engines = Qualification D.

Jet / Airliner with 2 engines = Qualification E.

Airliner with 4 engines = Qualification F.


When all the details are entered correctly click save.  (If you would like to remove an aircraft, select it in the menu and click Del.


When you click add, Neofly will place the new aircraft into the database and it will start to show in the aircraft market.  Neofly will set the cost of the aircraft for you. Remember if you want to fly it, you have to buy it.  The plane will start to appear in new searches.

Liveries & Mods - Unknown Aircraft
Liveries & Mods - Unknown Aircraft

You can use custom liveries & mods with Neofly as long as  the aircraft title from MSFS matches with Neofly.

If you try to use an aircraft with a different title you may be given the option for Neofly to rename it for you. 

Be careful, this can not be undone easily.  Make sure you have selected the correct aircraft in Neofly if you have more than 1 at this location.

NF Settings unknown aircraft.png

If the name is completely wrong its likely you have selected the wrong aircraft.  In this instance select No and check the aircraft.

If you wish, you can manually change the title.  You'll have to find the 'aircraft.cfg' of the livery/mod that you want to use with Neofly, and rename the title line to match with the default plane.  The aircraft.cfg is where your mod is installed, in your community folder.

NF Settings livery.png

In this example, the C208, on the left is the default 'aircraft.cfg', on the right is the custom livery 'aircraft.cfg'. The right title must be renamed to match the left one, with the livery name AFTER the aircraft name. In this case, I could rename it 'Cessna 208B Grand Caravan EX Aviators club'.

Updating Airports
Updating Airports

If you would like to update the airports in Neofly you can do so with NavDataReader.  This will add all airports from MSFS and your community folder.

NF settings updating airports.png
  • 1) Click the link to download NavDataReader and extract the download using 7zip.  (You can download and extract NavDataReader into your Neofly folder.  This can be located:  c:\ProgramData\Neofly


  • 2) Then click SELECT and find and highlight your extracted folder.

NF settings navdata.png
  • 3)  Click Launch NavDataReader.   Windows CMD will popup and ‘do its thing’


  • 4)  Click update Neofly airports.

Game Settings
Game Settings
NF Settings Game settings.png
Dark Mode
Dark Mode

In the game settings tab you will see a checkbox to enable dark mode.  Click the checkbox to turn dark mode on and off.

In Game Text
In Game Text

In game text is on screen information about your flight such as instructions, takeoff speed etc.  Turn on by checking the box. 

Event Probability
Event Probability

The probability of an event triggering.  eg, by setting the number to 10, you have 1 in 10 chance of an event.

Fuel Cost
Fuel Cost

GA and Jet fuel prices can be entered here.  Neofly will use these figures to calculate your fuel costs.

Auto Fuel
Auto Fuel

If checked, Neofly will automatically add the fuel set in your hangar to your aircraft in MSFS.

Colour / Theme
Colour Theme

You can change the colours and theme.  Select the colour from the list then choose either primary or secondary,


Choose your preferred language & restart Neofly for it to take effect.  English, Chinese, French, German, Italian & Spanish.

Failure Probability
Failure Probability

The probability of an failure occurring.  eg, by setting the number to 15, you have 1 in 15 chance of a failure.  However, if your aircraft maintenance status is 25% or below you may find failures occur more often

Neopad Activation
Neopad Activation

Check this box to use Neopad

Games Modes
Game Modes

Custom / Pro / Survival

Custom Pro Survival
NF Settings Game Mode.png

When creating a pilot  you are given 3 choices of game mode:  Custom, Pro & Survival.    

  • In Custom mode you can toggle any of the game options you would like. 

  • In Pro mode - plane, location, Cargo/Pax & Reset are fixed to disabled, but survival mode options can be toggled.

  • In Survival mode all options are fixed to disabled


Pro Mode users will receive 10% extra XP & Rewards per mission.  

Survival Mode users will receive 20% extra XP & Rewards per mission.  

Note:  If a Custom user toggles all the Pro options the 10% will not be received.  Likewise, if a Pro mode user toggles the survival options the 20% will not be received and the bonus will remain at 10%

Plane:   You can use any aircraft , even if you don't own it in Neofly.  (This will turn off markets and AI pilots). (toggle right = option is off)

Location:  You can start a mission from any ICAO, even if your pilot is somewhere else.   (toggle right = option is off)

Cargo/Pax:  You can start a mission even if your aircraft does not have the required capacity.  (toggle right = option is off)

Reset:  The missions generated can be reset.   (toggle right = option is off)

Rank:  The ability to fly any mission regardless of rank.  (toggle right = option is off)

Sim Rate:  Select whether sim rate is allowed or not.  (toggle right = sim rate is not allowed)

Slew Mode:  Select whether slew is allowed or not.  (toggle right = slew rate is not allowed)

Crash:   MSFS no crash damage is allowed (toggle right = no crash damage is not allowed)

Security:  Select whether bonuses are given for flying operations  (toggle right = option is on)

Death:  Your pilot & career die with a crash.  (toggle right = option is on)

Security Bonus
Security Bonus

A bonus will be awarded for following the procedures:

  • Beacon and/or Strobe lights on before starting the engine.

  • Taxi:  Landing lights off.  Taxi maximum ground speed is 30kt (“walking pace”).  Not to be confused with the indicated airspeed.

  • Landing lights: On for take off.

  • Flaps speed:  Do not exceed the aircrafts flaps speed.  (aircraft specific)

  • Overspeed:  Do not overspeed.  (aircraft specific)

  • G-forces:  Do not stress the airframe.  (aircraft specific)

  • Stall:  Do not activate the stall horn.  (If the stall horn sounds during flare, below 20ft agl, you will not be penalised)

  • Airspeed:  Do not exceed 255kt below 10,000ft ASL

  • Landing lights:  On for landing in all aircraft.  On before <10,000ft ASL in CAT  E-F aircraft.

  • Remember to turn landing lights off for taxi at the destination.

Note:  Some MSFS airports have a OnRunway event.  This means Neofly knows if your aircraft is on the runway or not.  This will be taken into account when monitoring taxi speeds.

Addons - Perks
Addons - Perks

3D Scenery

This scenery pack will improve the realism of your SAR and Emergency missions by adding a variety of objects, both on land and at sea (crashed planes, sinking ships, vehicles, characters, etc.)   Click donate and receive the addon via email.  The extracted folder needs to be placed in your community folder.

3D Scenery


When activated, events are randomly generated while in flight.  These events will often require you to make a diversion to another airport.   Some diversions are mandatory.    You can alter the frequency of events in event probability .   Donate and receive the addon via email.  To install, press the install button and guide the browser to the zip file.

Events addon


Donate & enter your registration key to unlock FBO features.  Your key will be sent by email.

FBO addon


The Elena upgrade adds real voices to all missions.  We have added hundreds of messages with lots of diversity.  To install, press the Elena button and guide the browser to the zip file.


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