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User Guide


Fixed Base Operator is an optional add-on for Neofly. 


The FBO pack allows you to rent and operate from multiple FBOs.  You can create your own missions and hire FBO dispatchers which will bring bonuses and discounts.

To purchase or to enter your FBO registration code please go to the Settings Tab.

To add an FBO, right click on any airport (orange dot). Check the information in the bottom right to make sure it meets your requirements and select ‘Use as FBO’. 


The weekly rental will be confirmed.  You will be charged every week unless you remove the FBO.

NF FBO use as fbo.gif

Once you have an FBO you will be able to create your own missions and hire dispatchers.


The first tab you will want to look at is FBO Management.  Here you can see details of all your FBOs and FBO lines (mission lines).

NF FBO management.png
FBO Management
FBO Management
FBO Stock
FBO Stock

FBO stock is a way to generate more income and automate repairs.

There are 4 types of ‘stock’.  Magazines, Caviar, Whisky & Mechanical parts.

Magazines will keep passengers (PAX) happy.  Passengers with a magazine become a deluxe passenger and will pay more to fly.

Caviar will keep VIPS happy and will become deluxe VIPS, which will pay more.

Whisky will make Airline passengers happier, they will pay more and become deluxe airline passengers. 

Mechanical Parts, these will be used to automatically repair and maintain your aircraft.  You will need an FBO Dispatcher to oversee the work and enough parts to complete the job.    So if your aircraft engine is at 40, you will need 60 parts (40+60 =100) for the repair to take place.

FBO stock can be bought at the market like all goods.  To add stock, fly the purchased goods from any market to the FBO.  You can then unload from the goods in the Trading Tab ('add to warehouse' will unload items in your FBO).

FBO Lines
FBO Lines

FBO lines are a way of generating your own missions. 

NF FBO create line.gif
  • First select your FBO,

  • Then your ICAO of the airport you want to fly to.

  • Then select the type of mission from: Cargo, PAX, VIP, Express, Sensitive & Airline.

  • The maximum number of passengers you would like to carry.

  • Maximum mission weight.

  • Price.  This is the price you are willing to fly for.

  • Estimated Price. This price is a guide of what your clients are likely to pay.  You can make the actual price anything you wish, but if it's too high, you will not get any jobs or missions.

  • Max Number.  This is the maximum number of missions generated.  The more missions you generate, the more FBO stock you will use.  But generating more missions may crate better paying jobs.

When you have entered the details click add .        This will create the FBO line.

NF FBO add line icon.png
FBO Missions
FBO Missions

If you now go to the FBO Missions tab and click refresh you will see a list of missions waiting to be flown with the payment. If you have a dispatcher that is good at negotiating the price will be higher. ( If you have set your price too high, you might not see any missions).  As with all missions, you can choose to fly yourself or let one of your hired pilots fly them for you.

NF FBO Missions.gif

If you right click on one of the missions you can choose to:

  • Fly:  Fly the mission yourself

  • Stack:  Stack multiple missions to fly yourself

  • Cancel the mission:  Removes the mission

  • Choose plane & crew to fly:   The AI will fly the mission in an aircraft you choose.

NF FBO Mission select.gif
FBO Dispatcher
FBO Dispatcher

FBO Dispatchers look after your FBOs and can negotiate deals on fuel, mission payments & rewards.  They can also be economical with FBO stock and mechanical parts.

NF FBO Dispatcher.png

Each dispatcher has their own skill set.

  • Bonus fuel: Buy fuel 50% cheaper.

  • Bonus mission: The Dispatcher will negotiate higher payments for missions.

  • Bonus reward: Bigger bonuses will be awarded for completed missions.

  • Bonus deluxe: Less stock will be used for your deluxe passengers.

  • Bonus mech: Less parts will be used when maintaining and repairing your aircraft.


You hire dispatchers on a week by week basis and can send them to any of your FBOs by selecting the FBO and clicking send.


If you feel that an FBO dispatcher is not performing well or misbehaving,  you can fire them in the FBO ICAO drop down menu.

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