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Getting a Bing Key
Getting a Bing Key

Invalid credentials? 


A Bing Key is required to pull data from Bing to generate missions and data within Neofly.   Its also required for Neopad to work correctly.  Don’t worry, Bing keys are free!

  • Go to

  • Click yes, let’s create a new account.  Fill out your details.

  • Click My account / My keys

  • Add the details requested and click create, for example:

Invalid Credentials
NF Bing Key 2.png
  • Click show key, then copy the whole key by highlighting it, right click copy.   (Some browsers will let you click the copy key button)   Make sure you copy the whole key, it could be spread over a few lines, its quite long at 102 characters! 

NF Bing Key 3.png
NF Bing Key key.png

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