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Neofly4 - A spirit of freedom

While Neofly3, like many career addons, was really directive: "Take a job and go from A to B, or follow the objectives of your mission and then land!" The spirit behind Neofly4 is completely different. What we wanted is give the user real freedom of choice and decisions as in real life.

To make it simple Neofly4 spirit is: "I own my aircraft. What will I do with it today?"

Like in real life your aircraft is a container, you can fill it with jobs or market items (included in a future update) and fly where you want! You don't have to complete your jobs in a single flight or even today, you can take your time!

All jobs in your aircraft will remain there until you land at the job's destination.

The first major difference between NF3 and NF4 is that you never have to start your mission yourself by clicking a specific button. The NF4 connection to MSFS is completely transparent to the end user. As soon as you're in your aircraft you'll be free to do whatever you want.

Why not take a long range 600nm cargo job and also a 50nm passenger job that goes in the same direction? You can do this!

Your cargo will remain in your aircraft until you drop it at its destination. So you can take off, drop your passengers at their destination and get rewarded for it.

You can even stack more jobs at this airport . You can complete that 600nm job in several real life days!

If you are required to land at a destination but the visibility is bad and the landing is too risky, you can divert. Land at a safer airport and take some other jobs, if you have remaining cargo capacity. If your own aircraft is full, rent an aircraft to do it !

Why not rent a small aircraft for the day and take some tourists to a Point of Interest?

You can do that! And you'll come back tomorrow hoping the weather is better, you'll jump in your own aircraft to finish that job which was too risky yesterday!

In Neofly4 you get XP as soon as you fly. So you could also fly to an airfield or a POI which is not that far from your current airport without even taking a job in your aircraft. You'll get rewarded for this!

You can also get experience by quickly flying a traffic pattern if you only have 15 minutes of time available for this game session!

We hope that this new way of playing will please you as much as it pleases us and we wish you many great experiences with Neofly4!


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