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NeoFly 4 is out !

Dernière mise à jour : 27 juin 2023

The long awaited NeoFly 4 has finally arrived! What was expected to be a 6 month project turned out to be ... a lot longer.

Thank you to our Early Access users who submitted valuable feedback, suggestions, and bug reports.

Thank you to everyone who patiently waited for the full release.

If you aren't part of the Early Access team and haven't been following along through all of the updates, you're going to be blown away with NeoFly 4! The changes from NeoFly 3 are too many to list out so we invite you to jump right in, create a new pilot and experience everything first hand!! Hover over icons to get a tooltip about what they're for. If you get stuck, ask on our Discord. There is no way to transfer your profile from NeoFly 3 to NeoFly 4 so buckle up and get ready to start your career as a brand new pilot.

NeoFly 4 is a FREE Career Mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator. There are also optional paid perks to help you build your career faster by hiring pilots or creating airlines with hubs and lines. Or enhance the fun with a campaign which is like a side quest. Donating for perks is the best way to support the developers.

If you have donated for a NeoFly 3 Perk, send an email to with your NeoFly 3 perk invoice number to get your NeoFly 4 key(s).

If you haven't donated for a perk yet, visit the website at to see your options.

Thank you again for your patience and support. The whole NeoFly team is very excited for this release of NeoFly 4!


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