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NeoFly 4 Early Access BF10: Repaint

NeoFly 4 Early Access Bugfix 10

This is both a fresh install and an update for existing NeoFly 4 Early Access users.

IMPORTANT: During Early Access use the Backup button in the Settings before updating.

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

- Qualification Test results not saving

- Aircraft uninsured after paying for insurance

- Unhandled exception after removing, passing or failing qualification test with no other aircraft in hangar

- Plane can be transferred with cargo on board

- Fuel will be 3x as much message confusing (combine with purchase dialog box)

- "Altitude too high" message on job after deliverying illicit goods

- Buying or renting aircraft changes fuel to 200

- Searching for aircraft with apostrophe (i.e. Van's) causes crash

- Market Goods: Expired goods showing in search

- Hull repairs not saving

- Spelling and typo fixes


- Repaint your plane by clicking the paint brush next to the livery name in the Hangar panel

- Manual parking brake for planes that don't have one. Click the button below the flight log on the Briefing panel

- Airport database updated

To download last version, come to our discord, chanel Neofly updates:


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