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New version: Added support for SimFocus Autogen Helipads (free) and Aerosoft Offshore Landmarks: North Sea (oil rigs)



- Added support for Aerosoft Offshore Landmarks: North Sea (oil rigs) and SimFocus Autogen Helipads (free)

- Enable the addon(s) you have in the NF Settings

- New airport filter added: H for Helipad only

- More than 30,000 helipads added

- Helipads give you more airports to fly missions to and from.

- You can't build a hub at a helipad because staff and hired pilots can't go to them.

- The goods market at helipads is limited

- If you take a job to an airport ICAO and land on an Autogen Helipad, NF will see you at the helipad ICAO

- Sky4Sim Users: After adding the helipad addon(s), run the Navdata update from S4S in the sim.


- NF ignores helipads (when runway length is zero)

- Buying market not regenerating with market goods

- Smoke on Emergency missions is too thick (maybe there's no smoke now. Will dig deeper later)

- NF doesn't detect engine start for Volocity in Class H test (removed as option for tests)

- Transporter achievement not working

- NF CTD due to localization setting


- Enhanced airport detection. Now when there are two airports close together, NF has a better chance at picking the right one. Please report any errors you come across so we can look into it. Some airports share the same space and can't be separated.

- Landing rate (fpm) check updated to match addons like Gees and Volanta

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