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NeoFly 4 closed beta is out !

Dernière mise à jour : 21 juin 2022

We are thankful to everyone who supported us since the initial release by offering you early access to the current NF4-Beta version.

This is for anyone who has supported us by donating, buying perks or subscribed to our patreon.

To get your serial key for early access, follow the link below and enter the email address you used for supporting us. I

f you haven't supported us yet and you like our work, it's not too late! Valued donators, perk purchasers and patreons will be granted early access to NF4!

This is an early access version. As such it may contain bugs. If you are facing some, we would be grateful if you can report them on our discord server.

Also this version doesn't yet integrate all the NF3 features but we will keep adding them one at a time.

However Neofly 4 has new and improved features:

New UI

Neofly 4 has a slick new interface making the experience even better!

Free Fly

You can now fly anywhere at any time, no mission is required. Neofly will track and log everything as you do.

Save your progress at any airport!

You can now save your progress at any airport. This means you can break up longer flights into smaller trips.


Personalise your pilot with a wide selection of avatars.

New Qualification Tests & Stars

Test centres have been set up around the globe for qualification tests. You will be guided through the flight and awarded stars based on your performance. The more stars you earn, the more benefits you receive when flying missions.

Special Qualifications

We've added special tests for wanna be helicopter and military pilots!

Aircraft Market

You can now search by aircraft model to find the location and best deal on an aircraft you really want.

Special Mission Aircraft

Neofly will now offer to loan you a specialised aircraft for tricker missions if you don't own one. Whether that's a Helicopter for a VIP trip or an aircraft for firefighting. We've got you covered... for a fee.

Loan System

New and improved loan systems. Loans will be offered based on your progression and performance.

Pilot Statistics

Analyse your landings, look at your most used aircraft, most money earned in a mission, fly time, achievements and more!

New Voices

1000's of new Elena and Instructor sounds.

Easy Installation

Neofly will now automatically install the addons required for Neofly 4

Elena and Scenery perks are now freely integrated into NeoFly 4.

The perks purchased for NF3 will be usable with the same code in NF4 (except of course Elena and the 3D Sceneries which are included in NF4)

Neofly 4 will be open to everyone after the summer break

You can download it at our discoed, neofly-updates channel:

Thank you to all for your help and enthusiasm towards this project.

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