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Here you can see your pilot's details which include: Your callsign, your XP, your cash, current ICAO & rank.  These details will update automatically as you play.


There are 5 pilot ranks:  Cadet, Second Officer, First Officer, Captain & Senior Captain.  You will earn XP for each mission you complete. This XP goes towards improving your rank.  You can see your current XP total and how much you need to earn to get promoted.

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As your rank increases more mission types will become available. 


Cadet:  cargo, pax (passenger), mail delivery, emergency, tourist.


Second Officer:  sensitive cargo, helicopter VIP


Officer:  VIP, search & rescue


Captain:  airline, humanitarian, pizza, interception


Senior Captain:  secret passenger


Important:  The plane toggle in settings needs to be activated (to the right) for your qualification test to be valid.   

Qualifications are where you can see your current endorsements on your pilot's license as well as taking pass test flights. 


To take a Pass Test flight you will need to own the correct category of aircraft for the test.  Then to take a test, click           in the correct category.  You will then be taken to the flying tab.  Your instructor will give directions on what you need to do.  It’s important you follow these instructions carefully. If you pass the test you will gain the new qualification.

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Here you can see all your career tally:  Flight time, passengers, cargo, best reward, best XP, longest mission, successful missions, failed missions, crashes.

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Here you can see all your awards and badges.


The Bird

Fly more than 1000 hours


The Bush

Fly more than 100  missions


The Cresus

Earn $100,000,000


The Globe Trotter

Fly more than 500 missions


The Alien

Pass all qualifications


The Transporter

Fly 1000 passengers


The Lifter

Fly 100,000 lbs of cargo


The Professional

Fly 200 successful missions


The Stuntman

Crash 10 times

Crew & Pilot Market

The Pilot Market section is where you can hire pilots. 

Pilots are hired for a period of 24 hours for a set fee as shown.  To hire a pilot, highlight your choice in the job market then right click and hire pilot.  

The pilots can fly as many missions as you can fit into the 24 hour period.    You can see all your currently hired staff in the crew section, along with their stats.

Skill:  This is how skillful the pilot is when handling the plane.  This is particularly useful for bush pilot style missions such as drop zone and emergencies. 

Efficiency: Efficient pilots are a good choice for Airliner, Express  Cargo and Humanitarian missions.

A good balance of skill and efficiency is wise for all other missions such as Cargo & Passenger.


A pilots health will decrease the more they fly.  As health decreases the more chance there is of the pilot making errors, losing bonuses or even crashing the aircraft.

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You can also see the pilots current status, hire start time and hire end time along with their qualifications.

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