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The multiplayer feature will allow you to launch a server in NeoFly so other players can connect as clients. Or enable you to connect to somebody else's server.


When you create a server, there are two possible modes: Realistic and Arcade.

  • Realistic:  The connected players must be at the mission departure airport with their aircraft.

  • Arcade:  You are moved with your aircraft to the starting point of the mission and you returned to your original airport at the end.


In arcade mode, you can also specify an aircraft that will be used by all players, even if they don't own it. But the aircraft will need to be in your Neofly database  (All aircraft from MSFS standard, deluxe and premium deluxe are in the NeoFly data as standard).

If you don't own the aircraft in your NF career it will be removed from your hangar at the end of the multiplayer mission.

Setting up a Server
Setting up a Server

Setting up a server is quick and easy.  From the multiplayer tab,  go to Server.

Select your options:  Realism or Arcade and If you would like all users to use the same aircraft & which one.

NF Multi Server settings.png

When you are happy with your selection, enter a password (this will be needed by your friends to connect) and click Start Server.

NF Server settings 2.png

That's it.  You are now ready for other users (clients) to connect.

Clients will need your IP & password to connect to you (the server).  You will see your IP in the connection log as shown above.  Your IP will be shown after ‘Server listening on’  this will be a series of numbers and dots eg followed by :8000

Connecting to a Server
Connecting to a Server

To connect to a server you will need the server IP & password.  Once you have this, enter it into the boxes and click connect to server.

NF Multi Connect to server.png
Multiplayer Mission Selection
Multiplayer Mission Selection

The server (the host) controls the mission selection.

Once everyone is connected, the server can then select the mission in the usual way.  In the Mission tab, right click the mission and left click Fly with friends.

NF Multi Fly with Friends.png

For cargo, sensitive & mail missions, the server can split the cargo weight between all players by clicking ‘split cargo between players’  This is useful for taking heavy loads in light aircraft. 


The server needs to press Split Cargo before other users press connect & fly.

NF Multi split cargo .png

When the host selects the mission you will be taken to the flying tab.

From the flying tab, press Connect and Fly and follow the procedure as you would for a single player mission. 

Multiplayer missions always give you an XP bonus. 

 You  may also receive a cash bonus (multi win bonus)  depending on the mission and your results : 

  • SAR : first to discover the survivors

  • Emergency & VIP Helicopter : first to land at landing zone

  • VIP :  lower max pitch & max bank

  • Sensitive: better VS at landing

  • Interception : first to intercept

  •  Illicit and Humanitarian : first to drop the cargo

  • Tourist : first to finish the photo shoot

  •  Express delivery : first to land

  •  Cargo, Airline, PAX, Secret PAX : lower max G-force


When a user has finished the mission, Neofly waits for the other players to finish before awarding the bonus and disconnecting from MSFS.

Shared Markers

In multiplayer you can also share markers (like waypoints)  on the map which all connected players can see.  To do this, click the middle mouse button.  (To remove, right click)

NF Multi Markers.png
Seeing your Friends in game
Seeing yor friends in game

If you would like to see your friends flying with you in MSFS you will need to check some of your MSFS game settings.

In the main menu click your user name in the top right.

NF Multi friends.png

Make sure your status is online and that you and your friends are all on the same MSFS server.  In this example the server is North Europe.

You may want to check you have the aircraft liveries installed that your friends will be using.  If you dont the aircraft may look unusual.

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