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NeoFly is a free career add-on for MFS 2020.

You start as an ambitious bush pilot who only has access to basic missions.  Can you work your way up through the ranks?  As you gain money and experience you will be able purchase new aircraft, gain higher qualifications, and fly new mission types!

Features :

  • New campaigns: Campaigns are a series of missions linked together by a theme. They are independent of standard missions but are part of your career progress. By flying the campaigns you will earn you cash and XP. Each mission is unique and has real sounds and events. If you complete all the chapters of a campaign, you will receive a substantial one time bonus . Campaigns can be played in all 3 modes: Free, Pro and Survival.

  • Multiplayers

  • Mission scenery (perk) for SAR & Emergency missions (more missions later)

  • VIP helicopter :  Bring VIP to destination like stadium, golf, casino, ski resort, park, etc

  • Exploration : find old wreck and loot some gold.

  • Fuel auto load

  • 2 new missions : search & rescue and interception

  • Fixed-Base Operator, manage and create mission lines

  • Fuel management and achievements

  • Jump to cockpit (tired of this freelancer that always break your beers when landing ? Take the control of his plane and teach him how to land softly...)

  • Freelancer market

  • Loan

  • Trading : buy, transport and sell goods.

  • 14 mission types: cargo, passengers, VIP (don’t shake them), emergency (land the medic in a random landing zone) illicit delivery (drop “pizza” above a drop zone), secret passenger (night flight), fragile cargo (land smoothly) as well as express delivery (with a short deadline), humanitarian (drop cargo in hot spot), tourist mission (turn around IRL POI while tourists take photos), advertising (Hook the banner!), wildfire,interception, search and rescue.

  • Live Emergencies: Ability to find real world events near your location and generate a mission based on it.

  • 2 hauler missions : airlines & humanitarian

  • Hire a pilot to do missions with your planes

  • Rent a plane from market to do a mission

  • Radio text & audio messages from the dispatch following you during the mission

  • Sound effects (passengers boarding, cargo loading)

  • 3 career modes : free, pro and survival

  • Flight tracking on the map with events

  • Qualification system  (pass exam to fly some planes)

  • Aircraft Market

  • Aircraft Management (Purchases, resells, repairs). The way you fly will impact the plane's condition, you may experience surprises if you dont take care of your plane.

  • Free

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