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Hazardous job & 3D cargo objects

New features:

-New hazardous job (available only to company mode)

-3d cargo objects at loading and unloading (available only to company mode)

-Added new WU airports

-Added new WU POI

-Cessna 208B Grand Caravan moved from Regional type to General Aviation


-NF not recognizing livery with special characters

-Elena voice instead of Michael when canceling mission

-NF CTD if hub at airport that's deleted from navdata

-Employee can search for wrecks

-Express mission aircraft types

-Qualification E: Climb to 3000 audio says 9000 feet

-Daily goal: Emergency not working

-Hired pilot health increasing very slowly

-Engine running message when it needs repairs

-Fixed AI pilot daily goal issue

-NF CTD if it has jobs to an airport that is removed from navdata

Hazardous mission: Available at rank second officer for GA aircraft. It is stackable and spawn on Cat B,C,D airports only.

You must watch your landing, banking and a max 500 fpm rate, but of course this job has higher reward

If you fail you will hear a leak and dispatch telling you to land on the nearest airport.

If the nature of the cargo is chemicals, you will lose some hull health too. You have 15 minutes to land. If you land in less than 15 mn you save the plane and the mission is validated with no reward but some xp.

3D Cargo: If you check the new 3d cargo box in the Settings panel, you will see a 3d scene spawning near your plane at loading and unloading cargo. The scene is different depending of the cargo type: standard, express, fragile, hazardous. This objects should be automatically installed on your community folder when launching NF. So don' t forget to quit MSFS before installing this version to be sure MSFS will see them.


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