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NF4: new daily goal and event features


Daily goal and Event

The Daily Goal is a new goal that updates every day. It might be to fly a specific mission type, or a class of plane, or bring a type of market good to an airport, etc.

- You receive a bonus for completing the Daily Goal in the form of XP, money, +1 star (max 3 stars), etc.

- The Daily Goal is updated every 24 hours.

Everyone gets the same goal and it is not affected if someone else completes the goal before you.

Events are extended Daily Goals and have increased difficulty and may have a longer expiry.

- An example of an Event is to bring 1000 medics to LFMN because of a plague.

- This could take multiple trips and you have 72 hours to complete it.



New male dispatcher voice Michael

Choose between the traditional female (Elena) voice or male (Michael) voice as your dispatcher.

-Recorded by Rob Marley, a professional voice actor who is an avid simmer and NeoFly pilot. -Additional voices recorded by friends of Michael

-Medic voiced by real life medic

-New and updated effects sounds


Bug fixes

  • Tourist job reward is calculated for one-way only, not the return trip

  • Firefighter mission: Landing lights repeating in the flight log

  • Hull, Engine and Fuel show decimal

  • Business Jet rewards don't pay enough to cover costs

  • Action button not activated for first chapter of Pandemic Campaign

  • NF is slow to open when you have a lot of hired pilots



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