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NeoFly 4 : Introducing Employees profiles !

Hello dear Neofly Community

I would like to introduce you the next big Neofly4 feature called "Employees"

Employees are a new Career profile mode which is designed to allow you to create a new career profile as an employee for another profile!

What does it means exactly?

That means your new "Employee" career profiles will share the same finances and fleet as the main profile on which they are linked!

What's the purpose of employees?

Employees are here to allow more flexibility between your game sessions without having the frustration of flying for nothing or starting a new profile from scratch with only a starter aircraft and 5000$

One scenario could be for players that can't invest as much time in each game session or that like to change their gameplay from a session to another. As an example Even if I love to fly airliners I would like to fly helicopters sometimes, of just go for a little interception on a 20 min game session. With Neofly it was complicated to do that as you had to bring your aircraft to your pilot location or move your pilot. With the "Employees" feature you'll be able to create a profile dedicated to Helicopters, one for liners, one for quick jobs. All incomes will go into your main account bank!

Another example could be for players who like to change the location on which they fly, or adapt to the real world weather! We know it can be frustrating to start a game session and see that there is an hurricane where my pilot is located. I can imagine having multiple employees on other part of the world!

How to create an employee?

To create a new employee you simply have to create a new profile, when you will be prompted to the game mode you'll simply have to select employee instead of career mode or company

Is there some limitation to employees?

Yes, in order to keep the game balanced:

- Employees can't chase wrecks

- Employees don't get a starter aircraft they have to rent one or buy one using the main profile cash

- Employees can't manage AI pilots or Airlines Hub

- Only 10 Employees are allowed on the same main profile

- Employee start one rank below the main account. If main account is first officer, employee will be second officer

- Employee get the same qualifications as the main account but the score is reset to one star

We hope that you'll enjoy that new feature!

Have a nice day and great flights!


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