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NF4 Hired pilots

Company mode and Hired pilots

Coming Soon: Hired Pilots (formerly known as AI Pilots in NF3)

With this add-on, you will have more than 30 pilots to choose from with different skills and daily wages. Add multiple jobs to their stack list, with or without market goods, and chain them together. The hired pilot will automatically fly to the closest destination and try to sell the market goods while there, then fly to the next closest destination. Or you can have them stop at each destination and wait for you to add more jobs or market goods before sending them to the next closest destination in their list.

Delays have been added to the hired pilot's flight for loading, engine start, taxiing, landing, etc.

Hired Pilots are just the beginning for a new career mode being designed for people who want to manage their company with pilots, FBOs, staff, and more.

As Hired Pilots are not critical to your pilot's development, Hired Pilots are moving to a paid perk model and will be a separate add-on from FBOs. This means that if you paid for an FBO license for NF3, that will transfer to NF4 when FBOs are complete, but Hired Pilots will not.

During NF4 Early Access, you can use Hired Pilots for free, but you will require a paid license for it after launch.

We're excited for Hired Pilots and all the work that has gone into the feature and we hope that you'll test it, break it, report bugs, and make suggestions on how to improve it further.


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