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New: Homebases (NF

Homebase allows you to install up to 3 airports anywhere you want in the world and there will be used in Neofly like any other airport.

Not only will you have missions to or from homebase, it will have a goods market and can be used as a hub for your airlines.

Your starting homebase consists of a standard hangar and a runway with the length and surface of your choosing.

Upgrade to a larger hangar or a cabin that is more suitable next to a lake.

Each hangar can be equipped with different modules that give you bonuses. An office will allow you to pay less for goods at your homebase market. A passenger lounge will increase the reward for pax jobs. The Accomodation module will save you on hotel and restaurant fees. There are even modules to improve your airport such as passenger parking, a control tower, ILS, and more.

So find a nice quiet farm or bulldoze your local mall to make room for your own airport and start the next chapter in your bush/regional pilot life!


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