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NeoFly EA bugs fix 4

Release Notes

Please note: There are a lot of bugfixes in this update and this is an abbreviated list. If your reported bug is not listed here, please test for it again and report it if it's still an issue. If your reported bug is on this list, please test it again to confirm that it has been fixed.

Bug Fixes

- Crash when selling aircraft

- Crash when you sell your starter plane and rent a new one

- Crash when level up during a Qualification test

- Crash when clicking jobs in mission table with no aircraft in hangar

- Qualification test not registering touch and go landing (and giving zero stars as a result)

- Qualification test map shows all locations on the map

- Inaccurate Loan Interest & Payments

- Unable to stack VIP Heli jobs with normal jobs

- Rented Plane Running Cost not being deducted from balance

- Flight time not matching logs and rental costs

- Last job icons remain on map when unchecking all job filters

- Missing sound file

- Briefing Panel: Connection requirements (above map) doesn't update location

- Express Mission times too short for long distance missions

- Double-clicking a job removes it from the stacked list Improvements

- Mouse pointer changes when hovering over clickable buttons

- Qualification map shows airport information in tooltip

- Mission map has satellite view

- Qualification map has satellite view

- Rental plane costs now shown in Hangar

- Backup and restore your savedata on the Settings panel

- Various Spelling and Typo fixes

Known Issues

- Crash when unchecking all job filters with no aircraft in the hangar

- Aircraft Daily Rental fees coming out more than once per day

- Cessna 208B Grand Caravan base model not recognized


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