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NeoFly 4: resizing

A new Early Access version is out with window resizing and UI improvements


- NeoFly window is now resizable. You can use the Full Screen/Restore buttons on the top or the resize corner in the bottom right

- Goods Market has been rebalanced. Your goods market on cargo will be reset to avoid conflict with old numbers

- Added right-click menu to map icons. Use this to search markets and add transit jobs for your hired pilots

- Grey panels removed to give the app a cleaner look

- Updated images for jobs

- Backup Progression now asks you to confirm action

Bug Fixes

- Employee mode stopped working after returning their rental aircraft

- Aircraft stats don't update when you re-rent a plane you just returned

- NF Crashes when selling hubs and buying one back

- Hub Lines allow you to create 1-pax airliner jobs

- Hired Pilot crashed, plane still shows in their profile

- Slow aircraft being offered for Class M Qualification Test

- Multiple XP given for skidding or skipping on landing

- Crashed plane, cargo not removed from hangar panel

- Various spelling and typo fixes


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