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NeoFly 4: NeoPad is replaced by Sky4Sim !

Hello Community!

Today we are pleased to announce something exciting for the future of Neofly4!

For those that don't know, Sbeuh is the guy behind Neopad (NF3) and Neofly4 coding.

But not only does he work on Neofly, he also has his own MSFS addon called Sky4Sim.

If you don't know Sky4Sim, it's an MSFS in-game tablet that contains a bunch of useful applications for all your flights!

- Airport details

- Weather

- PDF reader

- Flight plans

It has always been an ambition that one day Neofly4 and Sky4Sim should work together to bring you the best of both addons.

This is why we are really pleased to announce that Sky4Sim will have its own Neofly4 client application!

And if that wasn't good enough news, Sbeuh has decided to deliver Sky4Sim for free!!

In the coming weeks, a free open beta version of Sky4Sim NG will be available on Once installed, you will find the Neofly 4 application ready to go.

Sky4Sim with the NF application is the perfect tool for VR users or anyone that wants to stay in the cockpit for your entire game session while following your NF4 objectives.

Whether that's refueling your aircraft, managing your jobs or following waypoints

- Fasten your seatbelts, get ready for take off, the Neofly-Sky4Sim partnership is here!!


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