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NeoFly 4 Hired pilots is out

Bug Fixes

- Crash if you unload fuel from an aircraft with no pilot

- Job start doesn't trigger if you're too far from the airport marker on the map

- Tourist job - job altitude requirement does not match with the audio

- Wreck: Nearest airport not showing after reloading NF

- Some Class M aircraft can't be used for Intercept missions

- Job list doesn't refresh when you select a different aircraft located at the same airport


- Remove current livery from repaint list

- Better handling of planes in the hangar when you have more than 4

New Features

- API code added in preparation for neopad replacement. You will receive a firewall prompt starting with this version of NeoFly. Please accept it when prompted.

- Hired Pilots (formerly known as AI Pilots)

How to access Hired Pilots:

When you create a new profile, Professional mode has been renamed to Career Mode. Change it to Company Mode and you will start with $10,000, two planes and a pilot in your staff.

To upgrade your current profile to Company Mode, go to the Store in NeoFly (shopping cart icon in the left menu) and add Hired pilots. This is free during Early Access and it will switch to a paid perk when NF4 is released. Your current profile will be duplicated and you will have two copies of it - one in Career mode and one in Company mode. They are separate profiles and you can return to the Career mode at any time. Your Company mode profile will receive a free plane and a pilot in your staff but no extra money.

Select the new plane and assign your hired pilot to it, then search for jobs the same way you would search for jobs for yourself.

If you have available space you can stack multiple jobs for your hired pilot, or load the plane with market goods. To fly to an airport without a job (to sell market goods for example), add a Transit Job by middle-clicking on the airport dot on the map. You can only have one Transit job in your stacked list at a time.

Come to our discord to download NeoFly 4:


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