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NeoFly 4 EA bugs fix 9: explo point !

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

- Spelling and Typo fixes

- Incorrect fuel when renting or buying aircraft

- Aircraft rental charged multiple times in same day or adding on previous days

- Loan payments charged multiple times in same day/multiple days

- Insurance payments charged multiple times in same day/multiple days

- Repairs paid for but not saving

- First aircraft auto-selected on NF load even if pilot is in another aircraft

- Market Goods: Some airports buying and selling same good

- Market Goods: Remaining payload not updating when selling less than full amount of item

- Market Goods: Expired items showing in search


- NEW! Exploration Point

A wrecked aircraft or submarine will randomly spawn somewhere in the world every 24 hours.

The wrecks have been put into zones to avoid trips to Antarctica.

The wreck will be located 1 mile from the marker on the map.

Land next to the wreck to loot gold from it and sell the gold at the market.

If you can't find the wreck, you can purchase a map from most markets. If you have the map onboard when you start off, the wreck will be at the exact marker location and you'll loot less gold.


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