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NeoFly 4: Campaigns

Campaigns are a side quest that you can complete at any time.

Add the next available chapter to your pilot, then start MSFS at the right airport in any plane you want.

You don't have to move your pilot to the campaign departure, and you don't have to have the plane in your NeoFly Hangar.

The first campaign "Pandemic" is free

A still unknown virus seems to be spreading very quickly since its discovery.

The good news is that we think we have isolated patient zero. The Pasteur research center in Seoul needs the strain taken from this patient in order to be able to find a vaccine as quickly as possible.

The bad news is that patient zero is somewhere between the North and South Korean border.

No one knows how they will react if they see an aircraft getting too close. Fly as low as possible, land then take off as soon as you have the strain. You will not have time to refuel so plan ahead.


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