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Here seems to be word from various content creators that NeoFly development has stopped.

I can assure you development is still on its way, now more than ever as the rebuilding of the core database has been completed and is properly revamped. We are now able to re-design a new interface to connect to that database.

We have taken into account a variety of feedback, therefore expect it to be more intuitive and modern. No more excel spreadsheet edits!

Of course, this takes a lot of time, hence us being less active.

That said, it doesn't mean version 3 wasn't updated: the Wildfire mission came out last month (think we're the only ones to offer this) and the parachute mission will soon be out.

Version 4 (new database and UI) will not be ready until next year, but expect some announcements and sneak peeks as we work on it.

This is all possible thanks to all of you, as donations are still our only income as we work on this project.

Thank you everyone for your support and see you soon on NeoFly 4.


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