FBO !!
- Run your own Fixed-Base Operator (FBO)!!
- Rent space at the airports of your choosing.
- Set up bids with missions lines.
- Choose cargo, sensitive cargo, express delivery, PAX, VIPs or airline missions.
- Hire dispatchers for price, fuel, and repair bonuses.
- You run the FBOs, so you decide where the missions should be!

Version 2.14

- Added new cargo and pax mission type sounds

- All wav sounds replaced by mp3 (zip folder is now only 80 Mo)

- Drastic reduction of the display time when selecting mission zone or filter (almost instantaneous even for "all" zone)

- Fixed airport flood bug when selecting “Only mission dest.”

- Fixed mission icons not refreshing when searching missions from hangar and map airport dot

- Now the “Mission match rank & plane” works also if you don’t have plane at the search ICAO (will check only rank)

Version 2.13.1

- Added max distance filter

- Fixed mission icons still on map after filter by rank/plane match

- Fixed only mission destination map bug

- Fixed CTD at landing after a “Jump to cockpit”

- Fixed “small haul” to “short haul”

Version 2.13
- Refactoring mission search with zones
- Added a lot more of missions (reset is a bit longer but ICAO search is now faster)
- Added grid mission heading 
- Added search mission filter
- Fixed rent plane name and fuel bug

Version 2.12

-Added plane icons at airport

-Added plane tool-tip with cargo

-Added tail number field at hangar

-Added airports database update with Navdatareader

-Fixed fuel CTD if string

-Fixed SAR & interception AI bug

-Now, when clicking on a mission the grid auto slide

Version 2.11

- Fixed mission search CTD

-Fixed bug where view log trajectory erase current flight

Version 2.10
- New mission Search & Rescue
- New mission Interception
- Fixed crew balance tab bug
- Fixed max fuel bug
- Fixed definitively trajectory log bug
- Fixed crash bug adding plane and paying insurance

Version 2.9.4

- fixed express delivery failed bug

Version 2.9.3 

- Fixed trajectory log bug (will works only with new flight)

Version 2.9.2 

- Flight trajectory log 

- 3d scenery (Crash planes, vehicles, boat, peoples) at DZ (earth and sea)(this is the first step to new cool missions like search & rescue, interception & safari) 

- Added FBO mission cancelling (only 80% of deluxe stuff is refund) 

- FBO has owner now (no more account share) 

- Remove FBO, remove also lines and missions 

- Fixed FBO mission refresh 

- Added number mission max for FBO 

- Added ICAO search at FBO 

- Earnings FBO based on number of pax/cargo. where the max price is the pay for a max load/pax 

- Added slider to FBO management tab 

- Added more airline missions for Airbus A320 A32

Version 2.9
- Fixed last digit fuel bug
- Fixed bestXP not saved (but still need to restart NF)
- Reduced insurance price
- Added cost to starter plane so AI Insurance will work if it crash the last plane
- Fixed negative fuel bug

Version 2.8.2

- Added fuel management with gaz & jet prices in settings

- Logs tab refactoring with historical on the map and reset button

- Added runway length and light in airport info

- Pilot tab statistics refactoring

- Added 9 achievements

- Fixed loan date bug with some regional formats skudd


Important :

NF will check with a simple formula you have enough fuel to fly or to launch a freelancer but it is up to you to take in count wind, take-off, etc. There are nice add-ons for this.

As the payload, it is up to you to match NF fuel and MSFS fuel, but unlike payload, it is not mandatory (no red light). Later I will try to add everything automatically by simconnect. Anyway, if you don’t have enough fuel in NF, you won’t be able to “Connect & fly”.

In the logs tab you can now see every mission on map with a toggle button, or only one by selecting a row.

Version 2.7.3

- temporally fixed the jump to cockpit CTD in trading mission (i disabled trading jump to cockpit until more time to fix it)

Version 2.7.2

- fixed CTD when renting plane

Version 2.7.1

  • mission range, type, weight and pax re balancing (should no longer be gap in distance and more low cargo and pax for long distance missions)

  • fixed adding cargo while plane in flight bug

Version 2.7

  • Jump to cockpit (works for any mission except express delivery)

  • Fixed trade info box when selection ai mission

  • Added airport fees for player landing (only for AI before)


How to use “jump to cockpit” feature :

  • right click on a rent job row and select “Jump to cockpit”.

  • this will bring you to mission tab and generate the right mission (don’t touch the plane combo box, you don’t need one because it is already flying)

  • load the same ai mission plane in MSFS, motor on, in the airport you want except the ai mission destination one.

  • activate the pause, deactivate the parking brake (or you will have a surprise at landing…)

  • Click on “Connect & fly” : NF will place your plane at the ai plane location, altitude and heading (don’t mind the stall warning). If it doesn’t, check you have set the expected cargo.

  • Set the throttle to the wanted speed and change whatever you want (add fp to gps, flaps, etc)

  • deactivate the pause, et voilà.


The ai plane will disappear and the rent job status will change to a joystick. You can now end the mission as you were inside from the beginning. You will even get a 10% reward bonus !


Once you land, you can search for another ai plane near to landing, activate pause, and jump again, so you can chain the freelancer mission.


Important : to encourage the use of this feature, the pilot location remains the same as the one before activating the “jump to cockpit” feature.

So say your pilot is at San Francisco and you see your freelancer is about to land at New-York. You can jump to New York, and land the plane. At the end of the mission, your pilot location will still be San Francisco and not  New-York.

Version 2.6.2

- Freelance market - Hire freelance pilots with different skills

- Freelance pilots can complete all kind of missions if they have the qualif for the plane and the rank for the mission

- Freelance pilots can now crash, fail, success or get the bonus

- Freelance pilots can now lose goods if they don’t get the bonus in trading missions

- Missions and rewards re-balance

- Currency in all tabs

Version 2.5.2

-Fixed engine fire on long mission
-Fixed wage ai bug
-Added land anywhere if engine failure
-Fixed buy weight check
-Added ai pilot plane check matching pax, weight and range mission
-Added setting for event probability
-Fixed market location bug because was an integer and not a text

-Fixed AI mission pay bug

- Fixed CTD while flying with a lot of AI

- Fixed loan CTD bug

Version 2.4.3

  • Fixed CTD with in game text, at the end of a mission

  • Fixed digital to tooltip status

Version 2.4.2

  • Market preview window (double click on airport)

  • In Game info text (can be activate/remove from Settings tab)


Version 2.4

  • Trading

  • Ai trading

  • Date refactoring

  • Settings saved

  • VS on slope runway

  • ETA  for AI planes

  • Airlines missions generate form everywhere to hubs

  • Airport icons replaced by airport info panel

  • Fixed CTD when not enough airports

  • Enter key is now a thing

  • New prices for Aircraft

Version 2.3

  • Fuel cost

  • Dark mode

  • Fixed Tourist POI bug

  • Category log icon missing

  • No more events while transit or qualif

  • Fixed airport arrival stuck with event bug

  • Fixed overflood bug


New Version 2.2.1

  • Added random fly events

  • fixed CTD if not Bing API (but you won’t be able to get Tourist missions)

  • fixed wrong aircraft selection in Tracking tab when more than one plane at the same ICAO

  • fixed balance bug when pilot deleted

  • fixed missing icon on ai pilot log



Version 2.2

- New Tourists mission !

- Added grass airports option

- Fixed jet & airliner planes in grass airports market

- Reset mission button is now free

- When you land, the search ICAO is now automatically the new pilot location

- When you click on the map icon, the mission is selected in the grid

- Now 3 different icons airport on the map : grass, hard , ils - Fixed a CTD bug


Version 2.1.1

- Fixed blank plane in AI missions grid when plane crashes

- Fixed settings tab tooltip


Version 2.1.0

- New setting tab to add : Bing key, plane, airport

- Fixed humanitarian bounced take off ending mission

- Fixed emergency reward not in the balance

- Adjust some missions range to cat C & D range


Version: 2.0.2

- Fixed AI pilot pay not always save

- Fixed live event checkbox  interacting with match mission checkbox

- Fixed humanitarian missions limit to 5

- Fixed live event to close

- Now there is Airline missions for jet and heavy jet, pax & cargo missions are fit for long Cat C & D flight.


version: 2.0.1

- Fixed max range error in the 2 starter Cessna

- Fixed sell plane CTD bug

- Fixed string bug in the income balance

- Fixed plane airframe never increase if fly by ai pilot


version: 2.0


Important  :

You will need your own Bing key for Neofly to work. I can no longer include my dev key because of so many users (50,000+ hits a day). So you must get a free Bing key before the release or you will see the “Invalid credentials” in the map windows.


New 2.0 features:

- The player can now rent a plane from the market, but only aircraft the player is qualified to fly. The cost of hiring is 30% of the job earning. The player must have ⅓ of the cost of the plane in cash as a deposit but this will only be charged if you crash. - There is a new balance tab to see where your income and outgoings.

- In sandbox mode, you can now fly whatever plane you load in MSFS, even if it doesn’t match the hangar.

- Now you can trigger loading & boarding with both engine on or parking brake off - New checkbox in the search panel allows you to filter missions for planes at the pilot location and current rank.


Some bug fixes:

- No more grass runways with jet planes.

- You can now repair an AI plane even if you are in mission

- No more AI bug with speed at 0

- No more losing landing bonus at take off