Getting started

  • Launch NeoFly

  • Select an ICAO, enter your name and choose the career mode and the starter plane

  • Choose a mission (some will only be accessible when you rank up in the company) The Live event checkbox use Bing live API to create IRL emergency missions. 

  • At the start you only have one plane and the NeoFly qualification to fly on single propeller plane, so pay attention to the weight and the number of passengers for the mission you choose.

  • You can buy other aircraft later, but be careful, if you crash, you will have to re-pay for it.

  • Get on your plane in the parking lot, engine off

  • Start the connection between the NeoFly and your aircraft by clicking on “Connect & fly”

  • Make sure that all the lights are green in the tracking tab, except the engine which has not yet started

  • You must therefore: be in the parking, at the right airport, in an aircraft you own that meets the qualification requirements and with a payload that corresponds to the cargo / passenger weight

  • When the lights, except engine, are green, you will hear the dispatch contact you to initiate the mission

  • Start the engine

  • You just have to follow the dispatch's instructions until the end of the mission.

  • When you land at the destination, go to the parking and set the parking brake to start the unloading/unboarding.

  • The airport you landed is your new location

  • Make a new search for this airport, choose a mission, and so on.




Express delivery : deliver before the deadline

Emergency (green : random, yellow : live event) : land near a crash zone to bring the medic

VIP : less passengers but more demanding

Sensitive cargo : try a soft landing

Pizza : people want to drop something in a drop zone. 

Secret passenger : night fly


Cadet : you can fly mission : cargo, passenger, express delivery and emergency

Second Officer : you can play mission : sensitive cargo

First Officer : you can play mission : VIP

Captain : you can play mission : Pizza

Senior captain : you can play mission : secret passenger


In NeoFly, you can fly the plane you buy as long as it matchs the qualifications you have : for example, to fly with the Daher, you need the Qualif. C : multi turboprop