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NF3 Mega bundle : Get all perks except (Elena, campaigns, FBO, Events, Scenery)

20 $


5 $

NF3 Now with real voices !

'Neofly Events' is not just 24 new sounds, but also adds 8 random events that could trigger when flying missions like cargo, express delivery, sensitive cargo, pax, VIP.

Once activated, you may hear dispatch informing you of an event or situation.  This will happen randomly.  Dispatch may ask you to change your destination airport because of a sick passenger, for example.

Not all 'events' are mandatory, in this scenario it’s up to you to decide whether to divert or proceed to the original destination.

Cash bonus's and extra XP could be gained if you choose to divert.  


10 $


With FBO (Fixed-Base Operator), you can create and manage your own mission lines.

Mission lines can be cargo, sensitive cargo, express delivery, PAX, VIP and airline.

Choose the right dispatcher to get a price, fuel or repair bonus.

10 $

NF3 Mission scenery

These scenes will improve the realism of your SAR and emergency missions by adding a variety of objects, both on land and at sea (crashed planes, sinking ships, vehicles, characters, etc.)

More objects will be added later for other missions, all updates will be free if you have already owned this perk.


10 $

NF3 Elena

Change mission text to speech radio messages by real voices.

We have not only improved the existing messages but we also added a lot of diversity in radio exchanges.

We now have over 400 messages, male and female.


6 $

NF3 Campaign: Find Cleopatra (english)

A French archaeologist, Doctor Sophie Clairbois, believes her research is guiding her to the location of the tomb of Cleopatra, undiscovered for 2000 years.

She's going to need your services so she can search southwest of Alexandria. This is a potentially hostile environment, where some believe the curse of exhumed mummies still hangs.

- 7 missions with unexpected events and hours of fun

- Real voices

- More than 1 million rewards 

Bush and helicopter mission types

Installation: Enter the code you received in NeoFly Settings tab

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